Drillpro 86Pcs Hard Alloy Plating Titanium SAE Tap and Die Set Combination Metric Tools Kit

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Drillpro 86Pcs Hard Alloy Plating Titanium SAE Tap And Die Set Combination Metric Tools Kit


Product Name Tap and die set
Brand Drillpro
Material Hard Alloy
Tap And Die Material Plating Titanium
Package Size Length: 50.8cm (20inch)
Width: 27.94cm (11inch)
Height: 7.62cm (3inch)
Weight About 5.487KG

- SAE TAP and DIE : 1/8''-27NPT , 4-40 , 6-32, 8-32 , 10-32'' , 10-24'', 12-24'' , 1/4-20'' , 1/4''-28'' , 5/16''-18'', 5/16''-24'',
3/8''-16'' , 3/8''-24'' , 7/16''-14'' , 7/16''-20'' , 1/2''- 13'' , 1/2''-20'' , 9/16''-12' , 9/16''-18'', 5/8''-11'' , 5/8''-18'';

- Metric tap and die: m 3-0. 5, m 4-0. 7, m 5-0. 8, m 6-1. 0, m 7-1. 0, m 8-1. 0, m 8-1. 25, m 9-1. 25, m 10-1. 5, m 10-1. 25, m 11-1. 5, m 11-1. 25, m 12-1. 75, m 12-1. 5, m 14-2, m 14-1. 5, m 16-2, M16-1. 5;
- Wrench: m25-1, m38-1(1/2 Inch);

- Adjustable tap wrench: m6-m20,1/4,3/4,m3-m12,1/16,1/2.

Quantity 86 Pcs x Tap And Die

- Great variety of goods, be superior in quality;
- Heavy duty heat-treated tungsten steel construction, precision machined to exacting standards, rust resistant and easy to utilize;
- These tap and Dies with standards precision ground and polished surfaces to facilitate chip removal SAE tap;
- These tapered plug taps and dies are the most commonly used style and are Perfect for most hand threading applications;
- They are known for their ability to start easily, either cutting new material or chasing lightly damaged threads.

- To cut an internal thread, select the tap of the desired size, tap wrench, proper drill size or hole size, and lubricating or cutting oil. The proper hole size is very important in the formation of good threads. An oversized hole results in reduced thread height, an undersized hole will overload the tap and cause undue breakage. Refer to the required drill size permanently marked on the end of each tap and drill the hole to desired depth. Secure tap by the square in the tap wrench and start threads by turning clockwise. Great care must be taken to start the tap square to the hole. As the tap is turned, it bites into the metal and leads into the hole. After the tap has been started, metal chips that flow into the flute spaces must be broken to relieve pressure on the tap.

- This is accomplished by reversing the tap direction every 1/4 to 1/2 revolution depending on the tightness encountered providing lubrication to the cutting edges while tapping will result in smoother threads and longer tap life. Continue threading until the tap passes through the part or to the desired depth.When tapping a blind hole (one that does not pass entirely through the part) take care in drilling to provide clearance at the bottom for chips and the starter threads.(These chamfered threads on the end of the tap will not cut full threads.) This set of taps are designed for general use. PLUG style with 3 to 5 chamfered threads.BOTTOMING taps with 1 to 1 chamfered threads for tapping to the bottom of a blind hole.

- To cut an external thread, such as on a bolt, select the correct die for the rod being threaded, die stock, and lubricating or cutting oil. Size of the rod or bolt, is of great importance. It must be no larger than the desired thread, and preferably 005" to 010" undersized. Oversized work may damage the die and will make turning very difficult. Slightly undersized work is easier to thread and furnishes enough thread height for normal use. After securing the part being threaded, insert the die into the die stock and run the screw snugly into one of the recesses in the outside surface of the die. (The recess and slot pattern of dies allows use with a variety of die stocks.)

- The chamfered side of the die is used for starting the threading operation. Always bevel the end of the piece to be threaded to make angles starting easier. This filed or ground chamfer also helps in starting at right to the work which is of great importance. Start the die on the rod with clockwise rotation until it begins cutting onto the work piece. Chips will flow into the holes provided and should be broken by reversing the action every 1/4 to 1/2 turn depending upon tightness encountered. Continue this operation until threads of the desired length have been cut.

Package Included:

1 Pc x Adjustable Tap Wrench (M6 to M20 - 1/4" to 3/4")
1 Pc x Long Handle Adjustable Tap Wrench (M3 to M12 - 1/16" to 1/2")
1 Pc x T-Handle Tap Wrench
1 Pc x Die Handle (M25 - 1")
1 Pc x Long Die Handle (M38 - 1-1/2")
1 Pc x Screwdriver
1 Pc x Screw Pitch Gauge Metric
1 Pc x Screw Pitch Gauge SAE
39 Pcs x Tap
39 Pcs x Die

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