Micro Woodworking Tools Hand Drill Double Pinion Drill Capacity Manual Drilling Tool for Wood Plastic Acrylic Circuit Board Punching

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    1、The drill stand and hand drill plate are made of 45# steel and precision silica sol process.
    2、The thickened high-strength ABS engineering plastic handle features a hollow design and can store spare drill chuck.
    3、The gear features powder metallurgy process precision casting for high precision, and quenching hardening, which makes it wear-resistant.
    4、It features a double gear drive mechanism, flexible hand drill movement, not easy to get stuck.
    5、The key drill chuck, which is universal for ordinary hand drills, has high clamping precision, and the drill bit is not easy to off center and break.
    - 100% new quality, durable and safe to use, resistant to pressure and impact, time-saving and effortless, easy to operate and fast.
    - It features good quality, exquisite craftsmanship, extraordinary details and complex processes.
    Product Name: Hand drill
    Product material: 45# steel
    Product specifications: 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch
    Clamping range: 0.6~6mm (1/4 inch) / 1.5~10mm (3/8 inch)
    Product treatment: surface powder coating treatment
    Scope of application: The product does not need any power driving, and it features manual control of the speed and drilling position, which is easier to control and safer compared to the electric drill, but the speed and efficiency are low, the transmission torque is small, so it is not suitable for drilling hard metal materials, ceramic tiles, masonry, concrete, etc. It is suitable for wood, bamboo, soft and thin iron, copper, aluminum, plastic, PVC, acrylic, fiberglass board, circuit board, etc.
    Package Included:
    1 x hand drill

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