CT312 3 In 1 TIG MMA CUT Welders Inverter Welding Machine 120A TIG/ MMA 30A Plasma Cutter Portable Multifunction Welding Equipment 220V

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1. TIG Welders: 10-120A DC TIG Electric Current Output. Quality TIG welding on stainless steel, nickel alloys, copper, brass and bronze etc. HF start improvers tungsten life.
2. Plasma Cutter: 30AMP Plasma Cutter Current Output. Compact Plasma Cutter Has a Handle for Portability and Uses Non-Hazardous Compressed Aiir to Cut Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Mild steel, Copper, and Aluminum ect.
3. Stick/MMA Welders: 10-120AMP DC Stick/MMA Electric Current Output; Easy ARC Start, Stable Welding Arc, Deep Weld Pool and Beautiful Welding Shape; Adjustable Hot Striking Arc Current Which Can Greatly Improve the Arc-Starting Function; Suitable for Welding with Different Kinds Basic Electrode.

4. Small size, light weight, energy saving and no noise Small splashing,great penetration, easy and simple to operate and aesthetic appearance of weld seam Over-volt protection, under volt protection, over current protection, over load protection. Automatic compensation for volt fluctuation
5. Aiir cooling, thermostatic protection, suitable for DIY.
Model Number: CT312
Rated output volt: 220V ±15%
Weight: 28.66lb
Pulse Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated Duty Cycle: 60 %
Dimensions: 340 x 160 x 240mm
Technology: Latest invert technology
Application             TIG      CUT       MMA
Input current          10         15.87     14.7
Output current       15          92         25
Current rangee        10-120  10-30    10-120
Package Included:
1 x  2.5M  TIG Torch  
1 x  2.5M  Cutting Torch (PT31) 
1 x  1.5M  MMA Clamp & Cable    
1 x  1.5M  Ground Clamp & Cable    
1 x Aiir Regulator    
1 x Consumables 3sets

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