Support For Toyota G and H Chip 4D67,68,72(G) Vehicle OBD Remote Key Program Device 16pin Add Transponder

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Apply to 4D67,68,72(G), support both G and H chip, test on 2015 Camry

 Add Remote Control:
Get in the car and close the door, insert the key and turn the key on, insert the device into OBD.
After the sound(De-), it will start to add the remote control.
After the sound ( De- De-),open the door, when hear the sound blaring. Press ' lock & unlock' key at the same time.
And press the' lock' key. If the blaring end, It's OK.
Switch is on the right (add remote control).

Add Transponder:
Get in the car and close the door, insert the main key into the lock and turn the key on,and then insert the device
into the OBD. If it will sound twice, it will start to add transponder.
After the sound (De-De-), 2-3 minutes later, anti-theft light is on. And then remove the key( anti-theft light will flash),
insert the new key and doesn't need turn the key,
Anti-theft light will be off later.
switch is on the left.( add transponder)

Package including:
1 x  G and H OBD Remote Key Programmer

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