Automotive Brake Fluid Tester Digital Car Brake Oil Tool DY23/DY23B/BF100/BF200 Auto Oil Tool LED Indicator Check Display Tester

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Automotive brake fluid Oil tester DY23/DY23B/BF100/BF200 with LED digital indicator check DOT3 DOT4 DOT5.1 Car oil Tool

1.  there is No battery inside, because battery will effect shipping time and customs checking, pls understand 

2. there are 4 type brake Oil tester Tool pen , type 1 and type 3 does not have LED digistal screen, type 2 and type 4 has LED Digital indicator screen.

Do you know about brake fluid?

Every drivers know how important of the brake fluid when driving, It is directly related to the safety of the vehicle and personal safety, so in the automotive industry. that's why so many people called the brake fluid as"safety guard".
The general brake oil replacement cycle is 2 years. Brake oil itself has strong water absorption characteristics, it will absorb the moisture in the surrounding air, for example car wash, humidair, etc., which will directly cause the brake oil quality drop and might cal use accidents:
1. Rear-end Accident
2. Brake Failure
3. Vehicle out of Control 
4. Traffic Accident .
Why Choose our Brake Fluid Tester ?
1. support DOT3, DOT4, DOT5.1
2. with high precision sensor
3.with highligh LED Display
4. supports mulit type Fluid test
5. with replaceable battery design
6. supports detect water content
7. supports high precision measurement
8. with highly sensitive probe
9. with super easy operation
Type 1 & Type 3:
DY23 & DY23 B Brake Oil tester LED Lights Oil Tool
Operation Steps:
1. Install one 9V(6F22) battery at the back of tester.
2. After inserting the battery, press POWER button to turn on the tester, all LEDs lights turn on with buzzer sounding, which indicates the product self-test is successful.
3. Press SELECT button, it will locate DOT3 model automatically.
4. Each time you push the SELECT button, it will recycle from DOT3 to DOT4 to DOT5.1 with the indicator LEDs.
5. Immerse the probe into brake fluid and you will get different colors of LED lights, they indicate
  • Green Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is below 1%
  • The First Yellow Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is approximately 1.5%
  • The Second Yellow Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is approximately 2.5%
  • The First Red Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is approximately 3%
  • The Second Red Light: indicates the brake fluid water content is more than 4%

6. Press POWER button to turn off the tester.

Selling points are as follows:
HD backlight dual display
  Support backlight display glare and easy reading  day and night
HD backlight dual display:
Support backlight display glare and easy reading  day and night, When the brake oil water content is
detected to exceed 3.0%, The instrument screen turns red and a "beep'
What is different from DY23 and DY23B: DY23B-8DY23B-9


Package include:
1x Brake fluid tester
1x User manual (in English)
battery not include
Type 2 :
Ediag BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester : 
Ediag BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester is Black Technology, Combine convenience and humanity to ensure your driving safety!
Function 1:  3 Color LED Display, 5 Level Brake Fluid Status
Function 2: Support DOT3, DOT4 and DOT5.1 Types .
Function 3: Unlversal Probe , Twistable Durable
Function 4: Fast analysis, accurate, testing Intultive results
Function 5: One hand operate , easy to handle
Function 6: Non-slip design at both sides
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Ediag BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester description : 
1. 5 STATUS EXPLANATION : With multiple L ED indicators, the measurement results are more accurate and more convenient to use!
Red: Brake oil with at least 4% water content
Red: Brake oil with about 3% water content
Yellow: Brake oil with about 2% water content
Yellow: Brake oil with less than 1% water content
Green: Without water good condition
LED Display Explanation:
Green: The current test brake oil is in good condition.
GreenYellow: Brake oil with less than 1% water content, Brake oil performance is good, you can use it with confidence.
Green/Yellow/Yellow: Brake oil with about 2% water content, still able to work.
GreenYellowYellow/Red: Brake oil with about 3% , It is recommended to replace the brake fluid.
GreenYellowYellow/Red/Red: Brake oil with at least 4%, replacedimmediately.
The Advantage of Ediag BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester : 
1. Nickel plated metal probe
   The probe is oil-proof and oxidation-proof, with good conductity and high precision.
   Rapid measurement
2. Non-slip design
    Fit for one hand operate, easy to use.
3. LED Display
   Display the test result by different colors L ED, easy to read the result.
4. Universal Probe
    Rugged and durable easy to use and flexible.
How to Operate Ediag BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester ? 
( More one test, less worry; more cautious, less accidental! )
Step 1: Put 2 pcs AAA batteries into main unit.
Step 2: Deep press the power button for 3 sec to power ON the unit.
Step 3: One press the power button to select the current oil type.
Step 4: Insert the test probe into the brake fluid (wipe the probe clean, otherwise it will affect the results) Detect the result by LED display.
Step 5: Hold pressing power button 2 seconds to turn on / off the LED flashlight.
Step 6: Deep press the power button for 3 sec to power OFF the unit.
 Tip 1: After each test, please wipe the probe clean to avoid the residual stains affecting the next use
 Tip 2: If device not use for a long time, it is recommended to take out the battery and store the product in a dry place.
The Parameters of Ediag BF 100 Brake Fluid Tester : 
Brand : Ediag
Product Name : Brake oil detector
Model : BF100
Material : Industrial grade ABS material
Display : Three-color LED light display
Color : Black
Battery : Battery No.7 (2 sessions)
Test Range : DOT3、DOT4、DOT5、DOT5.1
Temperature : 0-60°C
Product Size : 6.73inch *1.56inch *0.87inch
Weight : 71g
Be Applicable : All vehicles
Package include:
1x BF100 Brake fluid tester
Type 4 : 
EDIAG BF200 Brake fluid oil tester with Screen disaplay
Advantages of BF200brake oil tester with screen :
1. Sound Alarm
    When the moisture content of the brake fluid is detected to exceed the standard, alarm will be sounded to replace the brake fluid.
BF-200 Details (6)
2. LCD display the test result to tell you the quality of brake fluid.
To DOT3 : lower than 1% High Purity
To DOT4 : lower than 2% Status is acceptable
To DOT5 : higher than 4% Need to Replace
In order to ensure good braking performance, It Is recommended when measuring the oil 
Index to reach the range of 23, Please change the brake oll in time to protect your drlving safety.

BF-200 Details (7)

3. DOT3 /4/ 5.1 Support

Support multiple types of brake fluid in one tool.

BF-200 Details (8)

4. High Resolution Screen

Display the clear test result even in the dark night, as well as in the brightest day.

BF-200 Details (9)

5. Panel ExplainationThe Advantage of OBDResource BF 200 Brake Fluid Tester : 

BF-200 Details (10)

1. Non-slip Design

    Fit for one hand operate, easy to use.

2. Removable Battery Cover

    Easy to replace the batteries, energy save design.

3. High Resolution Screen

    Clear diplay the test result, no matter in glare environment or dark environment

4. Universal Probe 

Durable and can be twisted, convenient and flexible.

BF-200 Details (13)


The Parameters of OBDResource BF 200 Brake Fluid Tester :

Model: BF200

Name: Brake Fluid Tester

Material: ABS

Size: 6.14 inch*2.17 inch*0.94 inch

Temperature: -10°C~50°C

Battery: 2 pcs AAAA batteries (not included)

Test Range: DOT3、 DOT4、DOT5.1

Display: High resolution screen

Color: Gray and black


BF-200 Details (11)BF-200 Details (12)BF-200 Details (15)

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