ATU100 Automatic Antenna Tuner 100W 1.8-30MHz Assembled for 5-100W Shortwave Radio Stations ATU-100

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Allowable supply voltage range: 10-15VDC Maximum current consumption: 400 mA
Maximum working power: 100W
Maximum possible measurement power: 150W
Minimum power required to start tuning: 5W Minimum possible measurement power: 0.1W
Measurement resolution for power up to 10 Wh: 0.1W
Measurement resolution for power greater than 10 watts: 1W Power measurement accuracy error: ±10%
Maximum installation inductance: 8.53μH
Minimum installation step distance of inductance: 0.05μH Maximum installed capacity: 1869 pF
Minimum capacitance installation steps: 10 pF, typical consumption 100-200 mA
Dimensions: Length: 150×88×38mm (including front and rear protrusions 175×88×38)
Package included:
1 x ATU100 Automatic Antenna Tuner 
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