ATU-120 100W Shortwave Miniature Antenna 3.5-54MHz Universal HF ANT Automatic Tuner 5Ω-1.2KΩ Tuning Impedance Range

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100W shortwave machine automatic sky adjustment finished product
Small size, 155*88*38mm.
MAX 120W (SSB)
It is recommended to use for a long time of 100W.
This is an upgraded version, 0.45uH, 1uH inductors use two sets of T68-2 cores. The endurance power is improved compared to the original version, and the heat is relatively small.
3.5-54MHz (specifically affected by the antenna length and the degree of deviation of the standing wave).
Tuning impedance range: 5Ω~1.2KΩ
Simple instructions:
Connect the power cord 11-14V DC power supply,
Connect the shortwave machine to the IN radio frequency line of the automatic antenna adjustment,
Antenna connected to the sky tuning ANT (M seat, or quick socket)
AM, FM, CW small power 10W tuned (within swr1.5), you can use high power.
Manual mode is required. You can press auto once, and the small dot in the middle of the screen LC disappears, which is manual mode. Press again to switch to automatic mode.
In special cases, press tune to reset, and the LC combination is set to zero.
Package Included:
1 x Shortwave Automatic Antenna Tuner
Details Picture:

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