Atomstack AP2 Replaceable Filter For Atomstack Maker D2 Air Purifier

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Features: 1. Atomstack maker D2 air purifier replacement element, a 3-layer filter element specially developed for laser cutting, which can effectively filter the odor and harmful substances generated by laser cutting, with a filtration rate of 99.5% (atomstack laboratory test data). 2. Contribute to environmental protection: Discharging the cutting waste gas directly into the atmosphere will cause more pollution, so use an air purifier to make the air fresh; 3. Easy to replace: just three steps, no need to disassemble the circuit, and quickly replace the filter element in five minutes; Filter Material: 1 layer (half layer): Modified non-wovens for initial filtration 2 layers: Composite electrostatic filter cotton for medium effective filtration 3-4 layers: Double-layer composite filter cotton for high and super effective filtration 5 layers: High-iodine activated carbon for extended adsorbent 6 layers: Composite activated carbon for high effective adsorbent Packing List: 1* Atomstack Replaceable Filter for D2 Air Purifier


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