Aluminum Alloy F Clip Fast Carpentry Fixture Horizontal Vertical Fixed Pressure Plate Clamp Fixing Carpentry Tool

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Aluminum alloy F clip,fast carpentry fixture horizontal vertical fixed pressure plate clamp,fixing carpentry tool.



-Durable, no deformation, great for DIY working.

-Quick release design, convenient to change clamp capacity.

-For a variety of workbench clamps and puzzles.

-Soft plastic jaw guards to protect surface that you're working on.

-Metal bar for easy tightening and fine-tuning to clamp objects.

-The opening size can be adjusted according to the thickness, suitable for holding different thickness of plate.

-Suitable for a wide range of woodworking, machine repair, DIY projects, etc.



Product Name

 F-type clip  


 Aluminum alloy  


 For all walks of life workbench clamping and flattening


Package Included:

1 X F Clamp

More Details:




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