ACMER P2 20W Laser Engraver Fixed FocusEngraving at 30000mm/minUltra-silent Auto Air Assist No DIY No Installation

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Highlights 20W Laser Power With its 20W high-power laser output, the ACMER P2 20W laser engraver can cut plywood up to 10mm, stainless steel sheet up to 0.1mm in a single pass, and 30mm acrylic sheet. Ideal for those who have high demands on the cutting ability of the laser machine. Ultra High Precision & Speed ACMER P2 laser engraving machine adopts industrial guide rails instead of wheels, which improves the stability by 20% compared with other machines and ensures 0.01mm high motion precision and 0.001mm repeatable positioning accuracy. Maximum engraving speed up to 30000mm/min. Automatic Air-assisted System This air-assist kit will significantly improve the cutting speed and cutting accuracy at the same time, improve the quality of the cut, and avoid yellowing and burning of the material. Larger Engraving Area and More Engraving Materials It features a 420*400mm large engraving area and can engrave all wood, bamboo, paper, glass, plastic, leather, aluminum oxide, non-reflective plating, and lacquered metal. All-around Safety Protection ACMER P2 is equipped with a safety lock, which needs to be turned on before operation, and an emergency stop button, which can stop the machine at any time in case of an accident. When the laser engraving machine is moved or tilted 15° during processing, it will stop automatically, which makes the operation safer. The engraving machine has a built-in flame sensor, which can detect flame and raise an alarm in time, so you can carry out cutting work with peace of mind. Strong Structure & Super Easy Installation ACMER P2 laser engraving machine adopts an all-metal structural frame, which is more stable and durable. The whole machine adopts a modular design with 95% pre-assembled delivery, which is super simple and can be installed in 1 minute. Wide Compatibility Widely compatible with professional engraving software such as LaserGRBL (free) and LightBurn (paid), it supports Windows, MacOSs (LightBurn), and mobile applications. You can transfer data via Wi-Fi, USB cable, or TF card, allowing offline use.


Specification: Model: ACMER-P2 20W Machine size: 613x590x200mm Light efficiency: 33000mw Engraving size: 420x400mm Light spot size: 0.08x0.1mm Engraving speed: 30000mm/min Electricity requirement: 24V 6A DC/24V 5A DC/24V 4A DC Main board: ESP32nd place Engraving method: USB/APP/Online/TF Software support system: Macs, Windows, Linux Ultra-light wavelength: 445±5nm Engraving materials: wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, stainless steel, glass, etc. Engraving method: image engraving/character engraving, sketchs engraving/convex engraving Document format: SVG, NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, GCODE, etc. Supporting Softwares: LaserGRBL, Lightburn Supporting languages: English, Deku, Idori, Legal, Chinese Safety protection: emergency stop, anti-tilt device, power safety lock, flame test Package size: 710x305x245mm/27.9x12x9.6in Package Weight: 8.3kg/18.2lb Packing List: 1 x ACMER-P2 20W Laser Engraver Kit 




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