40-200mm Dust-proof Ceiling Woodworking Hole Saw Cutter Adjustable Downlight Drill Bit

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    40-200mm Dust-proof Ceiling Woodworking Hole Saw Cutter Adjustable Downlight Drill Bit
    Material High Speed Steel+ABS
    Cutting Hole Diameter 1-5/8" to 8" (40mm - 200mm)
    Cutting Depth Up to 3/4"(19mm) from one side,
    1-1/8"(30mm) from two sides
    Shank 3-flat shank
    Dust Cover Diameter 310mm
    Woodworking Drill Bit Size 4/5/6/8/10mm
    Construction Drill Bit Size 4/5/6/8/10mm
    Measuring Tape Length 3m
    Storage Box Size(L x W x H) 35x35x13mm
    Suggested Drill Speed
    Hole Diameter(mm) Drill Speed(RPM)
    40 - 49 800
    50 - 69 600
    70 - 89 400
    90 - 119 200
    120 -180 100
    - Wide range of uses, hole diameter size can be adjustable.
    - Used for recessed lights and ceiling speakers installation hole cutting, skylights, vent holes cutting.
    - Prevents wood chips from falling when drilling the ceiling.
    - It is widely used for DIY speaker hole light hole opening woodworking hole opening plastic plate hole opening.
    Application Materials: Sheetrock, drywall, plaster, ceiling tile, soft acoustic tile, plastics, fiberglass, acrylic sheet, soft wood and plywood.
    - When cutting into walls, floors or ceilings, always check to ensure that no electric cables or water pipes etc are in the vicinity of the proposed cut.
    - Always keep the cutting blades sharp.
    - Do not use undue force, or too great a drill speed.
    - Ensure the cutting blade holders are tight before use.
    - Screw the wing nut on to the threaded end of the spindle so that that assembly is secure.
    Package Included:
    1 Pc x Adjustable Hole Saw Cutter
    2 Pcs x Drill Guide Bit
    1 Pc x Dust Cover
    1 Pc x Wrench
    5 Pcs x Woodworking Drill Bit
    5 Pcs x Construction Drill Bit
    1 Pc x Wooworking pen
    1 Pc x 3m Measuring Tape
    2 Pcs x Blade
    1 Pc x Storage Box
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