3 In 1 Dowelling Jig with Positioning Clip Woodworking Adjustable Drilling Guide Puncher Locator

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    3 in 1 woodworking Dowelling Jig for Furniture Fast Connecting Cam Fitting
    Material: Aluminium Alloy
    Adjustable drill guides control angle of drill.
    The drill is sharp and rigid.
    The clamp can hold the wood tightly.
    Good wear resistance.
    High strength and hardness.
    Easy to use.Durable in use.
    Newly upgrade safe packing:custom PE foam+hard carton.
    Operational Demo:
    1. set the drill limit ring according to the board thickness
    2. Adjust the position of the eccentric drill sleeve
    3. scale value=1/2*board thickness
    L-type joint and drilling:
    1. drill 6mm hole
    2. drilling 15mm eccentric wheel hole on A board
    3. If the board is wide,you can use the extension bar positioner
    4. Complete drilling of A borad
    5. install clamp, change the drill bushing, drill 1pc coloidal particles hole and 2pcs round wood hole
    6. Install round wood,colloidal,connector
    T-type joint and drilling:
    1. drill A board according to L-type splicing operation
    2. Align the two boards and draw a line where the holes are needed
    3. Adjust the position and fix the board
    4. drilling
    5. Install round wood,colloidal particle,connecting rod
    6. Insert the board and install the eccentric wheel
    Package Included: 
    1 set x hole jig
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