246 Pcs Drill Set Tool Set Woodworking Flat Drill Bit Twist Drill Cement Drill Hole Opener

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    - This is a perfect DIY tool set.

    - 246 pieces of different specifications and types can meet your different needs.

    - Made of high-quality HSS materials, wear-resistant and practical, and have a long service life.

    - Storage boxes can provide better protection and storage.


    Material HSS
    Color Silver + Gold
    Quantity 246pcs



    4 Pcs x Woodworking hole opener: 1/2inch, 3/4inch, 7/8inch, 1inch

    17 Pcs x Woodworking drill bits: 4 x 1/8inch, 4 x 5/32inch, 3 x 3/16inch, 2 x 1/4inch, 1 x 9/32inch, 2 x 5/16inch, 1 x 3/8inch

    21 Pcs x Construction drill bits: 2 x 1/8inch, 2 x 5/32inch, 2 x 11/64inch, 2 x 3/16inch, 2 x 7/32inch, 3 x 1/4inch, 2 x 17/64inch, 3 x 9/32inch, 1 x 5/16inch, 1 x 11/32inch, 1 x 3/8inch

    30 Pcs x High speed steel black drill bits: 3 x 3/64inch, 3 x 1/16inch, 3 x 5/64inch, 3 x 3/32inch, 3 x 7/64inch, 4 x 1/8inch, 3 x 9/ 64inch, 4 x 5/32inch, 2 x 7/32inch, 2 x 1/4inch

    57 Pcs high speed steel twist drill bits: 3/64inchx6, 1/16inchx6, 5/64inchx6, 3/32inchx6, 7/64inchx6, 1/8inchx7, 9/64inchx4, 5/32inchx4, 11/64inchx1, 3/16inchx4, 13 /64inchx1, 7/32inchx3, 15/64inchx1, 1 /4inchx2

    1pcs 6inch flat drill extension bar

    1pcs countersink drill bit

    4pcs hole saw: 1-1/4inch, 1-1/2inch, 1-3/4inch, 2-1/8inch

    1pcs center positioning drill bit

    1pcs positioning punch


    66pcs 1inch bits:

    10pcs Slotted: 1/8inchx2, 5/32inchx2, 3/16inchx2, 1/4inchx2, 9/32inchx2

    12pcs Phillips: #0x2, #1x3, #2x4, #3x3

    12pcs Pozi: #0x2, #1x3, #2x4, #3x3

    8pcs Torx: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T35, T40

    6pcs Inch Hex: 5/64inch, 3/32inch, 1/8inch, 5/32inch, 3/16inch, 1/4inch

    6pcs Metric Hex: H2, H2.5, H3, H4, H5, H6

    12pcs Square: #0x2, #1x3, #2x4, #3x3


    30pcs 2inch bits:

    4pcs Slotted: 1/8inch, 5/32inch, 3/16inch, 1/4inch

    7pcs Phillips: #1x2, #2x3, #3x2

    7pcs Pozi: #1x2, #2x3, #3x2

    4pcs Torx: T15, T20, T25, T30

    4pcs Metric Hex: H3, H4, H5, H6

    4pcs Square: #1, #2x2, #3

    6pcs sleeve: 1/4inch, 9/32inch, 5/16inch, 11/32inch, 3/8inch, 7/16inch

    2pcs 3/32inch hex wrench

    1pcs extension rod

    4pcs locating rings: 1/8inch, 3/16inch, 1/4inch, 5/16inch


    Package Included:

    1 x 246pcs Drill Bit Set
    1 x Storage Box


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