220V MINI Electric Welding Machine Household DC Inverter Welder Tool 20-250A

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220V MINI Electric Welding Machine Household DC Inverter Welder Tool

  Main Features:
  ● Front and rear edging body design. Safer, protect the damage caused by the collision of the machine

  ● National standard capacitors. 105 degree high temperature resistance, explosion-proof slurry capacitor, to ensure long-term work

  ● High frequency magnetic ring. Long-time work will not affect the inverter, prevent poor contact, prevent rust, and better conduction

  ● Exhaust vents on three sides. Continuous work, the motherboard is ventilated without heating, and the welding machine has a long life


Material: Steel

Color: Black

Size: 10.5*15.5*22 cm

Weight: 222 kg

Suitable welding rod: 1.6/2.5 welding rod, all days welding/3.2 long welding

Number of capacitors: three

Suitable electrode type: ordinary electrode/stainless steel electrode/cast iron electrode

Suitable electrode material: stainless steel / carbon steel / pig iron

Applicable electrode thickness: 2-7mm

Power: 4000w

Current: 20-250A

Voltage range: 220V±15%

Applicable industries: home door and window installation/advertising/car repair/construction/scaffolding/bridge/shipbuilding


  Package Contents

1 x Face mask

1 x 3m ground wire

1 x 3m welding torch

1 x Hex socket

1 x Quick plug

1 x Slag Hammer

1 x Welding tongs

1 x Ground clamp

1 x Host

2 x Welding rod

1 x Manual

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