1PCS ICE50ASX2 BTL Version 100W Stereo Digital Power Amplifier Finished Board ICEPOWER Amplifier Module Board

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1.Overcurrent protection
Overtemperature protection ( need to add temperature switch ) ,The efficiency of 90%,The oscillation frequency 100KHz, ripple is less than 1%.
No feedback instantaneous output current can reach 5-10 times the normal current, very suitable for high-power amplifiers.
2.The switching frequency is designed to 100KHz, far more than the audio signal frequency modulation to minimize the distortion and between the so-called digital sound , the sound is more conducive to the reduction of distortion .
3.Professional Power Amplifier Loudspeaker Accessories
4.Product key performance with power Stereo Dual
Audio amplifier as the perfect , the sine wave signal without considering the size of the gain of the power amplifier , the input of a certain frequency , the output is not distorted ( no waveform distortion ) , the sine wave signal without noise .
Key Performance Parameters ICEpower50ASX2:
Rated power 1% THD + N, SE mode, 4, 1kHz 2 x 50 W
Rated power 1%, THD + N, BTL mode, 4, 1kHz 170 W
Maximum power 10%, THD + N, BTL mode, 4, 1kHz 220 W
Rated power 1%, THD + N, SE mode, 8, 1kHz 2 x 25 W
Rated power 1%, THD + N, BTL mode, 8, 1kHz 100 W
Maximum power 10%, THD + N, BTL mode, 8, 1kHz 130 W
Bandwidth 8,-3dB point, SE mode 130 kHz
Frequency response , 20Hz-20kHz, 2-8 load range + / - 0.5 dB
Damping factor 8, 100Hz more than the 500 
Total harmonic distortion THD + N 1kHz, 1W 0.002 %
Dynamic range SNR , SE mode 120 dB
Dynamic range SNR , BTL mode 125 dB
Material:Metal +pc
size:11 x 8 x 3.5cm
Package included:
1 x ICE50ASX2 Power Amplifier Board

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