10 Types Locksmith Honest Key Mould For Car Auto Key Profile Modeling Duplicating

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Locksmith Honest Key Mould  For Car Auto Key Profile Modeling Duplicating 10 types

This is key moulds.Where to use these tools.

if customers car key was lost. and no any keys for duplicating.locksmiths will judge the lock groove and read out key code.

then put small metal parts which is belong to 1,2,3,4,zones to key mould.and then tight them.and make up the key groove.then use this key mould to duplicate the car key.this is very professional service.but very usefull.you worth to learn and buy it.

It available for make key which without key,all made by refined stainless steel,the teeth number can arbitrary combination,one set include 10 pieces:

1. New Buick car HU100
2. for Peugeot,triumph car VA2T
3. for New BMW car HU100R
4. for VW car HU66
5. for Focus car HU101
6. for Benz car HU64
7. for New Hyundai car HY22
8. for Honda car HON66
9. Toyota car TOY48
10. for BMW car HU92

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