Plug Wedges and Feather Shims Concrete Rock Stone Splitter Hand Tool

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Plug Wedges and Feather Shims Concrete Rock Stone Splitter Hand Tool
Model: Industrial Grade 16
Name: Wedge and Feather
Uses: used in conjunction with hammer, (compressor) drilling machine bits for stone blocks billet were split.
Wedge Length: 4.72 inch (120mm) ,
Feathers Length: 2.28 inch (58mm)
Diameter: 10mm( 0.39 inch )
(1 set = one wedge and two feathers )

Instructions for use:
1. Consists of a Central wedge and 2 wedges, first with quarrying dedicated drill holes in the hole to clear the residual powder, the two big wedge head-down, plane put in the hole, then placed upside the small wedge in the middle of the wedge. Finally, beat with a hammer.
2. A hole is placed a pair of wedge quarrying, the actual number use according to the workload of the decision. Usually the distance between the two holes about 10cm, depending on the actual use depending on the workload, It can be reused many times.

Package Includes:
1 x Wedge and Feather Set

More Details:
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