Mini Motorized DIY Metal Lathe Milling Machine Woodworking Modelmaking Grinder 12V 36W

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Mini Motorized DIY Metal Lathe Milling Machine Woodworking Modelmaking Grinder
Item Specifics:
Speed: 20000 rpm.
Input voltage: DC12V
Current: 3A
Power: 36W.
Work table area: 120 x 100mm.
Processing materials: wood, engineering plastics, soft metals (aluminum, copper, etc.).
Stand of micro-machine base plate: 
PP plastic material, the appearance of soap, with a stair outline, beautiful appearance, the size is 340*210mm. Equipped with 4 rubber feet, there is a gap between the rubber feet and the plastic feet to play a role in vibration damping. There are 2 mounting holes on the base plate, with 2 single-hole slot nuts and screws to fix the machine.
1. It can be used for polishing, grinding, etc., can also be hand-held for a variety of angle grinding.
2. The center height is 25mm, sandpaper is made of high-grade white sand, and the grain size is generally 150#. Sandpaper can be selected according to different workpieces and machining surface requirements.
3. The grinding wheel is made of 120 mesh white sand with a diameter of 43mm and a thickness of 8mm.
4. The color of the machine tool consists of red and black, using T-slot connection, locking connection block for the "work" type metal parts.
5. The power adapter has over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature protection.
Package Included:
1 x Metal lathe with stand
2 x Power cable
2 x Sandpaper
4 x Tools
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