FOXSUR 39800mAh Jump Starter Power Bank 12V Car Emergency Startup Power Supply 5V/2A With LED Light

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Name: Car Jump Starter
Input: 5V-2A
Output: 5V-2.1A*2; 12V Jump Start
Size: 175*85*40mm
Net Weight: 375g
Package Weight: 955g
Tool Box Size: 280*220*55mm

-Stable voltage, current, balance charge function.
-Class A+ cell, safe and explosion protective.
-Upgrade 4 cell and start strongly.
-600A Starting current.
-1200A Peak current.
-39800mAh Large Capacity.
-Diesel 5.0L, gasoline 6.0L car can be used.
-Reverse connection protection.
-2 USB charging.
-Full power can be started 40 times.
-Limit temperature -20 ~ 60°C.
-Intelligent Protection System.

Before use, there is a small prompt
[1] that the car cannot be started by continuous ignition/or the key cannot be turned, and the positive and negative poles of
[2] can not be reversed after every 30 seconds of starting. The two clips cannot be short circuited.
[3] Remove the clip within 30 seconds after successfully starting the car.
Violation of the above three operations may cause the [fuse box] of the clip to burn out. Please pay attention to the operation method.

Use tips! (All charging treasures can refer to)
The product has just been received. First turn on the flashlight to discharge, then charge the product for more than 4 hours, and then start the car, because the product contains virtual electricity This operation can prolong the service life of the product!

Tips for daily maintenance:
1: The battery has a shelf life. Whether you use it or not, it is recommended to charge and discharge the battery once every 2-3 months.
2 When it is not used for a long time! Please keep 3 grids of power supply or more than 50% of power!
(Tips: Remember to charge the battery once every 2-3 months when you are not using it. If the power supply is low or the storage of virtual power has an impact on the battery, proper maintenance will last longer

Night emergency, Rescue lighting:
1. Built-in glare lighting system.
2.Long press the middle button for 3 seconds.Press again in burst mode.
3. After turning on the flashlight,press the switch again to become a flash,the switch is the distress mode.

When using the product, you should first turn on the flashlight to discharge, and then charge the product for more than 4 hours before starting the car, because the product contains virtual electricity This can prolong the service life of the product!

Package List
Car jump starter *1
Protective clamps (Red=positive; Black=negative) *1
1 to 3 Charger cable *1
English instructions *1
Tool box *1

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