Double Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler Cutter Drill Attachment Cutter with Extra Punch

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Double Headed Sheet Metal Nibbler Drill Attachment Cutter Gold With Extra Punch



Product Name Metal Nibbler Drill


Color Orange

17.5cm / 6.88inch

Quantity 1 Pcs


Thickness allowed to cut:

Stainless steel plate


Common steel plate


Copper, aluminum plate


Plastic, fiberboard




- Double head design - Both the left and right cutter heads are threaded, and the handheld handle can be mounted at either side, with one grip and one cut.

- The speed is between 1500-3000 RPM, which is more powerful and easier to use than ordinary boring cutters and saws.

- Widely used - The aluminium cutters application include but are not limited to: sheet metal, corrugated materials, pipes, complex profiles, powder coating materials, bakelite, plastic, fiberglass, thin metal plates.


- Fasten the plate(to be cut) onto an operating platform with a minimum distance of 15 between the place and the platform.

- Fit the tool with an electric drill or any power drill by fastening the drill chuck.

- Operate the tool when the motor runs.

- Release the cutting bit when the motor keeps running.

- Use special bit-cooling oil at operation.

- See the picture below for more information when the tool is fitted to a drill.


Package Included:

1 x

Double Gead Cutter

1 x

Hexagon Wrench


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