6Inch 1200W Electric Chain Saw Cordless Pruning Chainsaw Garden Tree Logging Woodworking Tool with Battery

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6Inch 1200W Electric Chain Saw Cordless Pruning Chainsaw Garden Tree Logging Woodworking Tool with Battery

    Name Electric Chain Saw
    Plug(Option) EU Plug / US Plug
    Voltage 288VF
    Output Power 1200W
    No-load speed 10000rpm
    Motor Drive Pure copper motor
    Power Supply Mode Lithium battery
    1*Battery capacity 22900mah
    2*Battery capacity 2*22900mah
    Full Chain Length About 15.24cm / 6"
    Guide Plate Length About 18.7cm / 7.4"
    Color Black
    - With lights, easy to work at night
    - Adapt to 18V Makita battery
    - Wireless binding:easy outdoor cutting
    - Pure copper motor:1200W, powerful power,long service life
    - Handle design: comfortable grip, in line with human body design
    - Lithium battery power:say goodbye to the trouble of finding power supply
    - Easy to use: no need to disassemble, turn the screw to adjust the chain tightness
    - High quality guide chain: sharp wear-resistant, deep quenching more wear-resistant, cutting smooth
    - Stepless speed change switch: humanized switch design, adjust cutting speed according to pressure
    - Efficient heat dissipation: the design of multiple exhaust outlets on the fuselage can effectively prevent burning
    - Lightweight fuselage:light and portable, one handed operation,comfortable to hold, not tired to hold for a long time
    - Four intelligent protection functions: over-current protection, over-voltage protection, overheating protection, charging and discharging protection,high heat automatic power off
    Package Includes:
    1 x Host
    1 x Chain
    1 x Guide Plate
    1 or 2 x Li-ion Battery
    1 x Wrench
    1 x Screwdriver
    1 x Plug Charger (110V/220V)
    1 x Packing Box
    Optional type:
    A: W/ 1 battery & US plug
    B: W/ 2 battery & US plug
    C: W/ 1 battery & EU plug
    D: W/ 2 battery & EU plug
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