12V/24V Wind Generator Charge Controller 300W/600W Waterproof Wind And Light Hybrid Controller

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Name:12V/24V 300W/600W Waterproof Charge Controller Of Wind Generator
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Application:Wind Power Photovoltaic Controller
Color: Black
Product Model: SF-12-24-A
Battery Nominal Voltage: DC12/24V
Rated Power of Wind Turbine: 300W/600W
Lock Voltage of Wind Turbine: 15V/30V
Skid Recovery Voltage (Factory Set Value):13.5V/27V
Working Temperature And Humidity Range:-35~+75℃ 
The Static Current: ≤20 mA                                                                                                                                       
Size:approx. 76mm×102mm×23mm
Level of Protection: IP67
 1.The wind generator output voltage and rated voltage of the battery is the same.
 2. According to the following procedure connection, first connect battery two polar, Yin and Yang, second, the connection of three-phase voltage wind turbines.
 3. Please in strict accordance with the requirements will be batteries and wind turbines, properly connected on the controller, connect reverse polarity or wrong behavior will lead to system work is not normal, even lead to controller completely damaged.
-  Automatic battery charging controller can control the wind generator. The battery is full, through internal automatic control circuit, the braking, when the battery voltage drops to the recovery voltage, the wind turbine to work, in order to protect the fan and battery.
- Comprehensive waterproof protection. This kind of controller adopts full seal completely waterproof design, protection grade reaches the IP67 above, even in water can normal use for a long time, improve the reliability.
- Reliability: Intelligent, modular design, simple structure, powerful functions; Industrial grade high-quality components and strict manufacturing techniques, which is suitable for relatively harsh working environments such as low temperature. It also has reliable performance and long service life.
Connection Method:
1. Batteries have a Yin and Yang, the controller also has the Yin and Yang, the two electric components with wires connected together, the red is the anode, black is the cathode
2. The wind turbine output three-phase ac voltage, the controller three-phase input terminal (green line), can wire together.
Package Included:
1X  Wind And Light Hybrid Controller 
 1X Manual

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