Hcalory Air Diesel Heater Parking Heater bluetooth 8KW 12V LCD Remote Control for Bus

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Built-in fuel tank: 6L
Rated power: 5~8KW
Rated voltage: 12V
Fuel consumption: 0.1 liters - 0.35 liters / hour
Remote control effective distance: 100 meters
Radiator working temperature: -40~+50°C
Operating temperature of oil pump: -40~+40°C
Product advantages and characteristics:
1. Heating the car/indoor space: Heating the space by outputting warm air through the heat conversion in the combustion chamber of the heater;
3. temperature (Celsius/Fahrenheit switching) adjustment setting;
4. Timing switch function: start and close according to the set time;
5. Plateau motherboard: It can automatically adjust the fuel output based on the altitude of the plateau and display the altitude
6. Smarter - Download the "airheaterble" App, available for iOS and Android devices, which enables user to remotely control the heater via Bluetooth
7. Small size, space saving, comfortable to carry, portable
8. The built-in fuel tank has no odor, and the oil level scale is marked, making it easy to monitor the oil level and refuel in a timely manner;
9. No installation of exhaust pipe, fixed air filter at the bottom, easy to install
10. Install exhaust pipes on the side, without the need for bottom padding installation, and can effectively avoid the problem of exhaust pipe blockage
11. The metal buckle opening and closing design is sturdy and sealed, and the fuel tank is completely built-in to prevent odor. It is easy to open and convenient for maintenance and repair.
12.Automatic start & stop (in automatic mode, when the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature, it will automatically shut down after a delay of 30 seconds; when the indoor temperature is 2 ℃ below the set temperature, it will automatically start up after a delay of 30 seconds)
Packaged included:
1 x Air Diesel  Heater
1 x Remote control 
1 x AC power adapter
1 x Silencer 
1 x Exhaust pipe
1 set Screw accessory kit

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