35MM Cup Hinge Punch Jig with Forstner Drill Bit Hole Drill Guide Wood Cutter Carpenter Woodworking Tool

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35mm Self-Centering Vertical Doweling Jig with Forstner Drill Woodworking Punch Locator Door Cabinets DIY Tool 
Item Type: 35mm Drill Guide
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Diameter: 9.8cm/3.86in
Height: 4.7cm/1.85in
The hinge opening is suitable for 35mm hinges.
Suitable for 46mm, 48mm or 52mm hinge cup
1. Aluminum alloy material, anodized surface, durable in use, not easy to rust.
2. This is a set of drill guide tools for fixation and centering during drilling and woodworking.
3. Center lines ensure accurate alignment when drilling on various surfaces.
4. Handheld puncher is used to punch holes on the wood boards and the edges of the boards to facilitate the splicing of the boards.
5. Suitable for vertical drilling, hinge drilling, drilling for splicing dowel pins, drawing center line at the plate side.
Package Included:
1pc Hole Punch Locator
1pc 12mm copper sleeve
1pc 35mm fortsner drill
4pcs drill sleeve (5,6,8,10mm each 1pc)
1pc positioning screw
1pc 2mm twist drill
1pc allen wrench
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