Solar Power TPMS Car Tire Pressure Alarm Monitor System Auto Security External Sensor Tyre Pressure Temperature Warning

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Model: TY02
Type: Wireless tire temperature alarm sensor
Compatibility: Suitable for motorcycles and electric vehicles
Display: Digital tire pressure detection

1. Real-time Monitoring: Keep track of your tire temperature and pressure in real-time to ensure safe driving.
2. Wireless Design: No need for complicated wiring, simply install the sensors on your tires and connect them to the display unit.
3. Easy to Read: The digital display allows for easy and clear reading of tire pressure and temperature.
4. Alarm Function: Receive alerts when the tire pressure or temperature exceeds the preset safety threshold.
5. Long Battery Life: The sensors have a long-lasting battery that ensures continuous monitoring for extended periods.

Package includes:
1 X Digital display unit
2 X Wireless tire temperature alarm sensors
1 X Installation manual

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