EU/US 200W Portable Handheld Machine Branding Machine Cake Wood Leather Copper Mold Logo Handheld Hot Stamping Machine

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EU/US 200W Portable Handheld Machine Branding Machine Hot Stamping Machine Cake Wood Leather Copper Mold Logo Handheld Hot Stamping Machine


Product name: portable hand-held hot stamping machine

Effective size: 200*180 (mm)

Roller diameter: 180 (mm)

Working length: 3 (mm)

Motor power: 0.06 (kw)

Weight: 0.44 (kg)

Specification: European standard -220V, American standard -110V

Length: The sleeve is 16cm long, and the handle is 13cm long

Power cord length: 120mm

Plastic handle-stainless steel pipe sleeve; suitable for branding and embossing wood, leather, etc., suitable for high temperature resistant products; it is normal for the sleeve to change color after use

Hand-held branding stick; simple branding operation, convenient to carry

Note: Hand-held devices need to master the balance to achieve the best results


Use note:

The maximum temperature of the heating position is 500°C-approximately 15 minutes after power on

The body is ≈180°C, the mold is ≈130°C,

Power on for 6 minutes and 30 seconds-the body ≈ 350°C, the mold ≈ 280°C. The body begins to change color.

Power on for 15 minutes-body ≈480-500°C, mold ~430-450°C

The mold fits within 6CM, and the maximum temperature of the mold can be ≈450°C

The temperature will vary according to the size of the mold

After use: stainless steel casing, the heating core casing part discolors severely due to high temperature after heating, but it will not affect normal use.

In use: It can be used after plugging in the power supply for about 5 minutes. The device will emit smoke during the first few uses, which is a normal phenomenon. Please rest assured to use it. If the power supply voltage is used incorrectly, it will cause the stainless steel casing to burn. Please pay attention to the purchase. Whether the voltage meets the standard of using voltage, thank you


Package Included:

1 X Bronzing Machine

1 X Small Wrench

2 X Screws


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