POPDEER PD-J02 3000A Portable 23800mAh Car Jump Starter Powerbank with QC3.0 Fast Charge with LED Flashlight


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Model: PD-J02
Capacity: 23800mAh
Input: 5V/2A,9V/2A
Output 1: 5V/2.4A
Output 2: 5V/2.4A,9V/2A,12V/1.5A
DC Output: 12V~16.8V/5A
Peak Current: 3000A((with QC 3.0 fast charge + DC car power)

-- Powerful 20000mAh Powerbank: Equipped with a hefty 20000mAh capacity, our Car Jump Starter not only brings your vehicle back to life but also serves as a reliable power source for your devices. Keep your smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets charged during road trips or emergencies.

-- Peak Current of 2500A: With an outstanding 2500A peak current, our jump starter is designed to tackle a wide variety of vehicles, from small cars to larger trucks. Ensure that you're never stranded due to a dead battery, regardless of your vehicle type.

-- LED Flashlight: Navigate the dark with ease using the built-in LED flashlight. Whether you're looking for the right connection under the hood at night, signaling for assistance, or setting up camp, this multi-functional flashlight ensures you're prepared for any situation.

-- QC 3.0 Fast Charging Technology: In today’s fast-paced world, time is of the essence. Our Car Jump Starter is equipped with QC 3.0 fast charge capability, allowing you to quickly recharge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices more efficiently than ever before.

-- Big Screen Display: Stay informed with our jump starter's large screen display, which provides real-time data, battery status, and operational instructions. Its clear and easy-to-read interface ensures you always know the unit's status, enhancing safety and usability.

Package Includes:
1x POPDEER Car Jump Starter
1x Clamp
1x USB Cable
1x Manual



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