iMars X4PLUS 1080P HD Front & Rear Dual Dash Cam Car DVR Support 1/3/5 Minutes Loop Recording G-Sensor Microphone

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-- Dual Camera System: Our Car Dash Cam is equipped with both front and rear cameras, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your vehicle's surroundings. This dual camera setup provides important footage from multiple angles, ensuring that incidents behind the vehicle are just as well-documented as those in front.

-- 140 Degree Wide Angle Lens: Capture a broader view of the road and its surroundings with a 140-degree wide-angle lens. This ensures a comprehensive coverage, reducing blind spots and capturing essential details, be it in traffic, during scenic drives, or unexpected road events.

-- Full HD Front & Rear View Resolution: With both the front and rear cameras recording in stunning 1920*1080P resolution, you get crystal clear footage from both vantage points. Relive your driving experiences or review critical events with sharp, detailed imagery, capturing everything from license plates to the subtleties of your surroundings.

-- Intelligent G-Sensor Support: Your dash cam's built-in G-Sensor automatically detects sudden jolts, impacts, or collisions. In these events, the current video segment is locked and preserved, ensuring that critical moments leading up to and during an incident are not accidentally overwritten during loop recording.

-- Customizable Loop Recording: Maximize your storage efficiency with the flexible loop recording feature. Set intervals of 1, 3, or 5 minutes for the dash cam to overwrite the oldest recordings when the storage becomes full. This ensures your dash cam is always recording the most recent events, and you don't miss a moment due to a full memory card.

Package includes:
1 X Car Front Camera
1 X Car Rear Camera
1 X Car Charger
1 X User Manual
1 X Installation Accessories Kit



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