iMars® Enusic™ CJ730 ACC Testing Relay GPS Tracker Real Time GSM Locator Hide Anti-theft APP Cut off Fuel Power System Function Global Version

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GPS and Russian GLONASS dual-mode positioning

◆ ACC detection

◆ Cut and resume Fuel Pump remotely 

◆ Real-time tracking  

◆ Against pseudo base-station&detect

◆ Vibration/Displacement/Low battery/Power off/over speed alert

◆ Main power cut off alert  

◆ Geo-fence

◆ History Route

◆ AGPS locating

  Functions and Product parameters (Relay GPS Tracker  CJ730/ Off petrol and electricity)

ACC status automatic arming function:

ACC is off: SMS and phone alert will be issued automatically when the vehicle vibrates.

ACC is on: The vehicle vibrates without sending SMS and phone alerts.


ACC status monitoring :ON/OFF

How to drag away the alarm function:

1. Link ACC, (Need to perform alarm function by monitoring ACC status.)

2. Set the main control number: admin123456 + 86186 ****** (+ 86186 ***** should be youe phone number)


3. Send SMS command: tow1,300 (tow1-4: 1 is SMS alarm, 2 is phone alarm, 3 is SMS + phone alarm, 300 is distance)


Terminal size

 31x 31x 57mm



Backup Battery

 3.7V 100mAh



Network Band



 4-frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz which can work worldwide

GPS module


GPS sensitivity


GPS position accuracy


First positioning time

 Cold start 45-120 seconds

Warm start

 35 seconds

Hot start

 1 second

Operating voltage

 10-50V input


 Built-in lithium battery 3.7V 110mAh

Storage temperature

 -40°C to +85°C

Operating temperature

 -20°C to +55°C


 5% - 95% Non-solidified

Power Consumption

 The power consumption is about 40 mA at work, and 1 mA at sleep.

 The instantaneous current of the fuel and electricity part is up to 45A.


Special Note:

FUEL Pump line search

Need professionals.

Or auto mechanic repair shop to help find.

Power supply, Fuel Pump cut control line

(1) The standard power supply of this equipment is 10V-50VDC, the red wire is the positive pole of the power supply,

and the yellow (black) is the negative pole of the power supply;

when installing the negative pole of the power supply, please select the grounding or grounding separately,

and do not share with other ground lines;

(2) The Fuel Pump cutoff control line (green/blue line) is connected to the Fuel Pump line.

Send Command


How to use:

1. opend the cover,Insert a NANO SIM card support GSM/GPRS network into the slot and make sure the chip side is up

(blue light flashes, green light flashes,)

2.Set APN: APN123456 CMNET

(please use your local APN instead of CMNET,if you do not know the APN content,you should contact your SIM card supplier)

3. Set admin number by sending a SMS command to the SIM card inside device

For example: admin123456+86186******(+86186*****should be youe phone number)

4.Connect cable follow the picture,(Fuel Pump cut test wiring video:



Countries that do not support 2G networks: The United States, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan

IMEI number:

Chile:You need to register for the GSM service using the IMEI number.

India, Pakistan and other countries,You can register for global GSM carrier services.

Turkish customers can provide IMEI numbers for us to modify.



1.If you want to change the timezone of tracker, please feel free to livechat with our online customer service,attach the ID number on tracker and the timezone you want to change.

2.If you want to link serval trackers at the same account, livechat with our online customer service,

attach the ID number on the several trackers and the username you want to set.

3. The tracking wesite and app are permanent and free of charge.Professional installation is highly recommended.

4. Please check the size carefully before making payment.

5. Prepare a 2G GSM SIM card which can support GSM and GPRS into the GPS Tracker.In many countries,the 3G 4G SIM card which can down support 2G&GPRS is fine too.

Use Precautions:
1. Open the device case. (Some countries need to use the GPS device to post a 15-digit IMEI number to register the GSM service.
Turkey needs to submit the IMEI number when submitting the order, we will modify it for you)
2. Insert the SIM card (SIM card needs to be compatible with 2G network band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz,
and open SMS function, Internet traffic fee.)
3. Link 12V power supply: (GPS signal: blue light flashes, GSM signal: green light flashes)
4. Set the APN code: Set APN: APN123456 CMNET (please use your local APN instead of CMNET, if you do not know the APN content,
you should contact your SIM card supplier) The setting in the video is you for the Chilean country.
5. GPS device parameter query SMS command: (s42, 1234).Check the IP address and APN settings of the GPS device.
6. GPS device status query command: status Main view: GPRS signal, GSM signal, GPS signal, main power link.
7. Platform IP address: adminip123456
8. Log in to the website or APP to check the status of the GPS device online.
APP: YunTrack
Experience account: TEST00

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 Relay GPS Tracker

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