High Torque Quartz Controlled Clock Movement Motor Mechanism Hour Minute Hands

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High torque quartz controlled clock movement motor mechanism hour minute hands.

Type Quartz Clock Movement
Material Aluminium alloy + plastic
Operating Voltage 1.5 V
Shaft Length 17MM
Thread 8.7mm
Hour Hand Length 166MM
Minute Hand Length 235MM
Body Size 56x56x16 mm
- It is suitable for the clock panel with thickness of 15mm.
- Quality quartz clock movement,long lifetime guaranteed.
- Complete with 166mm hour hand and 235mm minute hand which can easily be cut to size with scissors
- Energy efficient. Accurate time keeping.
Don’t attempt to disassemble.
Don’t short circuit.
Don’t dispose of in fire .
Don’t connect improperly.
Don’t put electronic products as household waste.
Dispose of used electronic products in accordance with local laws.

Package Included:
1 x Quartz Clock Mechanism Kit

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