GOINGMAKE Carpenter Square 3D Multi Angle Measuring Ruler Hole Position Scribing Ruler Precision 45 and 90 Degree Woodworking Square Small Framing Square Tool with Angle Position Pin for Carpentry


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GOINGMAKE Woodworking Multi Pocket Carpenter Square for Precision Scribing and Angle Marking

Carpenter Square
Carpenter Square

GOINGMAKE multi pocket carpenter square made of aluminum alloy ensures precision square and durable use. Scales on the ruler are engraved to an accuracy of ±0.004". 1/16 Inch Increments holes make line drawing parallel. Easy to mark 10/22.5/30/45/50/60/67.5/70/90 degree with fixed angle positioning pin. Easy to use and you can use it on setting router table and table saw blade height.

Features of GOINGMAKE Framing Square Tool

Saddle Square
Saddle Square

Angle Protractor
Angle Protractor

Hole Positioning Ruler
Hole Positioning Ruler

Router Table and Table Set Up Ruler
Router Table and Table Set Up Ruler

Saddle square

Easy to marking right angle bend line ensure precision 90 degree cutting.

Multi angle ruler

Provides angle positioning pin for angle drawing including common angles of 10/22.5/30/45/50/60/67.5/70/90 degree.

Precision hole for drawing parallel line

1/16 inch increments make sure you can drawing parallel line for mortise and tenon marking. 0.8mm hole diameter fits for most of woodworking pencil for marking and measuring.

Set up ruler

Can be used as a height ruler for router table and table saw blade set up ruler.


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