General Tools Angle Protractor #17 Stainless Steel Square Head - Measuring Tool for Carpenters & Woodworking Hobbyists

SKU: General Tools Angle06

Pattern Name: Angle Finder
Style: Square Head
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For all the carpentry DIYers out there, the General Tools Angle Protractor Stainless Steel Square Head will guide you through finding your angle points for any home, school, or work project. First, you'll want to loosen the nut in the center of the protractor arm. Place the square head on one leg of the angle while the protractor's nut should be at the angle point. Next, you will rest the arm on the other leg of the spot you're measuring. Then, tighten the nut in the center of the arm and read the angle measurement on the ruler's head. When it comes to angled cuts, it's wise to follow the old saying, "measure twice, cut once." This level tool can help you measure angles precisely. At General Tools, we offer over 1,000 products to choose from. We're proud to provide merchants, artisans, and DIYers worldwide with a broad range of affordable, specific-purpose mechanical hand tools and precision measuring and inspection gear.

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