GemRed 82305 Digital Angle Finder GemRed Protractor Stainless steel 7inch 200mm (Black Button)

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Material Type: Stainless steel (white&red button)
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Product Description

digital protractor
digital protractor



  • This angle finder ruler could both measure angle and length. Ruler scales in mm and inch.
  • Digital angle finder measures inside angle, outside angle and working as t bevel protractor.
  • Woodworking: adjusting angles of table saw, miter saw, band saw etc.
  • Construction
  • Sketching, drawing
  • Crown molding, baseboard molding



  • Measuring angles quickly with accuracy of ±0.3 degree. (±0.3 degree means the measure result may be either larger or smaller than real angle by 0.3 degree at max. Total difference between two measurements may be as much as 0.6degree)
  • Digital readout displays angle in 1-decimal.
  • Easy operation with only two buttons.
  • Good locking function could lock the measurement at any angle.
  • Compact structure to achieve convenient carrying and using.



  • Rulers of this digital angle finder made by durable brushed stainless steel.
  • The angle finder could be well used to various fields instead of angle ruler, straight ruler and square ruler etc.
  • Easily drawing line with the stainless steel rulers.

Technical Description & Operation


  • Item No. 82305
  • Measuring range: 0°~999.9° (need to calibrate before every use)
  • Resolution: 0.1°
  • Accuracy: ±0.3° (±0.3 degree means the measure result may be either larger or smaller than real angle by 0.3 degree at max. Total difference between two measurements may be as much as 0.6degree)
  • Folded length: 220mm/8.5 inch
  • Expanded length: 400mm/15.75 inch
  • Ruler measurement range: 0~400mm;0~7 inch
  • Measurement: laser-etched
  • Working temperature: 0~50℃
  • Working humidity: ≤85%RH
  • Battery: CR2032 3V lithium battery
  • Package include: 82305 stainless steel protracor*1, instruction*1, CR2032 battery*1, color box*1, transparent insert*1, desiccant*1(keep it away from kid and throw away)
Locking screw
Locking screw

With the screw, the rulers could be hold at any angle.

*Please hold the ruler when rotating the screw. Rotate it clockwise for tightening; rotate it counterclockwise for loosing.

Laser-etched ruler scale
Laser-etched ruler scale

Stainless steel rulers with laser-etched scale.

Stainless steel rulers are finished by brushing craft. The edge of stainless steel is sharp to cut papers and carve marks on wood.

*It's dangerous for kids. Please keep it away from kids.


CR2032 coin battery powers on the product. It's easy to get in your local store or online.

*Battery is very small. Please avoid dropping out from pacakge.

How to choose angle tools?
How to choose angle tools?
digital protractor
digital angle finder
MP01 Digital miter saw protractor
digital protractor
digital angle finder
digital Orthopedic Protractor
  GemRed Angle Finder No.82305-200 GemRed Angle Finder No.82305-A200D GemRed MP01 Digital Miter Saw Protractor GemRed Angle Finder No.82305-300 GemRed Angle Finder No.82302 GemRed 12" Orthopedic Digital Goniometer No.82311-00
Ruler material Stainless steel Aluminium ABS plastic Stainless steel Stainless steel & Aluminum Plastic
Color Metal color Black Black Metal color Metal color Transparent
Length(folded) 8.5" 8.5" 7.5" 12.6" 10.5" 12"
Hardness of ruler ***** **** *** ***** ***** ***
Measurements Laser etched Laser etched Laser etched No length measurement Printed
Ruler edge Sharp Normal Sharp Normal Normal
Durability of ruler ***** **** *** ***** ***** ***
Locking function
Net weight 160g 110g 125g 230g 340g 100g
Features Durable; easy to get scratched; sharp edges Good looking and comfortable touching; lighter but not durable as stainless steel one. Designed for trim work, miter saw. Transfer corner angle to miter cut angle or single cut angle Durable stainless steel; longer rulers With bubble vial for measuring level. Accuracy 0.15 degree. V-end for quick checking 90 degree.

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