FNIRSI-GC01 Geiger Counter Nuclear Radiation Tester Professional Marble Radiation Ionization Personal Dose Alarm Radioactive Tester


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GC01 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector Professional Marble Radiation Ionization Personal Dose Alarm Radioactive Tester



1: Detect x ray, y ray and β Ray.

2: High sensitivity and various working environments.

3: Chinese and English bilingual operation interface, easy to operate and use.

4: Save the power down data.

5: Three combined alarm modes of light, vibration and sound are selected.

6: Real time clock display.:

7: The product can preset the dose rate and cumulative dose alarm threshold.




Product parameters: nuclear radiation detector

Size: 120x78x27mm

Detection ray type: Y ray, x ray β radial

Detector: energy compensation GM tube (Geiger technology tube)

Current dose rate: 0.00-1000uSv/h (10mSv/h)

Accumulated dose equivalent: 0.00uSv-500.0mSv

Energy range: 48keV-1.5Mev ≤± 30% (for 137Cs -)

Language: Chinese+English, arbitrary switch

Sensitivity: 80CPM/ μ Sv (for Co-60)

Dose unit: μ Sv/h、 μ Gy/h, mR/h, cps.cpm arbitrary switching

Power supply mode: 1200mAh

Alarm mode: light, vibration and sound

Built in battery


The package includes:

1 * Nuclear radiation detector

1 * Charging cable


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