ERICKHILL EWM04 Wood Moisture Meter Non-Invasive Measurement with Humidity Alert Four Testing Modes Wide Measuring Range High Accuracy Ideal for Drywall Masonry Soft/Hard Wood Moisture Testing

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1. Comprehensive Testing Modes: The ERICKHILL moisture meter is equipped with four different measurement modes, capable of analyzing moisture content in various materials such as drywall, masonry, and both softwood and hardwood.

2. Humidity Alert: The added feature of a humidity alert provides a proactive approach to mold detection in your wood materials, enabling you to take early action before serious issues develop.

3. Non-Intrusive Moisture Detection: The meter utilizes a non-invasive method of testing, ensuring no harm comes to the material surface as it succeeds in preserving their original quality and aesthetics.

4. Broad Measuring Range: Offers an impressive measuring range, from 0% to 60% overall, reaching 0% to 100% for specific materials like masonry, and providing a three-color indicator strip for clear visualization of moisture content.

5. Precise Measurements: Outstanding accuracy of ±4% and a maximum measuring depth of 50mm makes it one of the most accurate moisture detectors on the market.




Model: EWM04

Measuring Range: Softwood (0-60%), Hardwood (0-36%), Wall (0-20%), Masonry (0-33%)

Accuracy: ±4%

Display Resolution: 0.1%

Working temperature: 32°F~104°F (0°C~40°C)

Store temperature: 14°F~122°F (-10°C~50°C)

Working Humidity: 0-90% RH

Power Source: 3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries

Display type: LCD

Material: Wood

Measurement type: Digital


Package Included:

1 x ERICKHILL Moisture Meter EWM04

1 x User Manual

3 x 1.5V AAA batteries


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