Edward Tools Rubber Mallet Hammer 16 oz - Durable Eco-friendly Rubber Hammer Head for Camping, Flooring, Tent Stakes, Woodworking, Soft Blow Tasks without Damage - Ergonomic Grip Handle (2)

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Edward Tools rubber mallet hammer is a type of hammer that has a rubber head instead of a metal head. The rubber head is soft and non-marring, which means it won't leave marks or damage the surface it strikes. This tool is great in woodworking and carpentry to drive chisels or assemble joints without damaging the wood. Our rubber mallet hammer also used in metalworking to shape sheet metal or to knock components into place without damaging them. Additionally, rubber mallet hammers are used in automotive and machinery repair to tap parts into place without damaging them or creating sparks. They are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications where a gentle touch is required. Many of our customers always bring this rubber mallet on camp trips for installing tent stakes and other uses around camp. Made of durable rubber and a solid fiberglass handle this tool is made to last a lifetime.

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