DDWT Updated Bearing Roller Featherboards Feather Boards for Table Saw Router Tables and Band Saws Table Saw Jig Guide

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The bearing roller feather board fits easily into the T-slot and locks securely, firmly pressing the workpiece against the fence for precise and smooth cuts.The pressing force is adjustable,to a certain extent, it can be used as a table saw thin rip jig to get consistent cuts and thin strips.It keeps your fingers away from the saw blade, which greatly improves safety.

Product Name: Bearing Roller Version Featherboard
Model Number: MG0-000-0111
Material: Aluminum alloy
Processing method: CNC-machined
Finish: Anodized
Product size: 4*4.9*0.6inch/100*124*16mm
Suspension travel: 5mm
Pressure: Adjustable (Brass knob)
Support T-Slot Track: 3/4 x 3/8 inch miter slot,30mm and 45mm T-Slot Track
Application: Router Table,Table Saw,Band Saws

Package included:
1 x Bearing Roller Version Featherboard
2 x T-slot Bolts

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