21V Cordless High Pressure Washer Car Washing Machine Garden Agriculture Water Spray Guns with 1/2 Battery

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21V Cordless High Pressure Washer Car Washing Machine Wter Spray Guns W/ 1/2 Battery

Main Features:
  ● Flexible use,easy to clean.

  ● 21V Li-ion battery, simple to control.

  ● Lightweight and convenient, long battery life.

  ● User-friendly comfort handle, long-term grip is effortless.

  ● The fuselage has a LCD digital display screen, which can clearly know the battery power.

  ● You can clean anywhere there is water,including using a bucket, bottle, stream or pool.

  ● Stainless steel fine screen, high efficiency and deep filtration, deep double filtration of impurities in water, long service life of protection pump.


Material: Engineering Plastic

Battery Voltage: 21V

Rated Power: 220W

Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah

Rated Pressure: 28 Bar

Flow Load: 4 L/min

Outlet Pipe Length: 5M

Self-priming Height: 3 Meters

Optional Pattern: 1 Battery SET/2 Battery SET

  Security Warning

Battery pack safely warning

(1)Do not disassemble, open or cut up battery pack.

(2)It is forbidden to short-circuit the battery pack.Do not place batteries in boxed or drawers at will to avoid short circuit between them or by other metal objects.

(3)It is forbidden to expose batteries to heat sources or flames.Avoid storing under direct sunlight.

(4)Do not remove batteries or batteries from their original packing before use.

(5)It is forbidden to organize the battery by mechanical impact.

  Package Contents

1 x Portable Pressure Cleaner

1 or 2 x 21V Battery Pack (optional)

1 x Charger

1 x 5M Inlet Hose

1 x Short Washing Guns

1 x 0°Outlet Nozzle

1 x 40°Outlet Nozzle

1 x Inlet Filter

1 x Quick Coupling

1 x Foam Kettle

1 x User Manual

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