BM300 AERMOTOR 12V Car Battery Tester bluetooth Android & iOS Car Battery Detector Monitor The Car


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1.The Aermotor Battery Tester is an application assistant specifically designed for automotive battery batteries. This is a practical APP,users can view the real-time voltage and other relevant information of the car battery in real time through the mobile phone.
2.The voltage of the car starting system and charging system can be monitored in real time, helping users to fully understand the data and characteristics of the car battery battery.
3.Transfer data to the phone via Bluetooth and enter the APP for real-time viewing.

--Product parameters

1. Name: Car battery detector
3.Working voltage: 6V-18V
4.Working temperature:-40-60°℃
5.Function: Low-power protection chipeffectively protect the power consumption of the battery, the voltage exceeds 20V or the product temperature exceeds60℃ The chip will enter the protection mode and stop working.Wait for the voltage to be normal and the temperature to be normal and continue normal operation.

--Operation method

1.Android operation method:Open the phone settings - bluetooth - select to pair AERMOTOR-app, enter the APP after successful connection,click the setting icon in the upper right corner, find AERMOTOR-app in the device management to connect, and test after successful connection.
2.IOS operation method:Open the mobile phone settings - make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on and go directly to the APP click the setting icon in the upper right corner,find AERMOTOR-app in the device management to connect, and test it after the connection is successful.
3.Install the red end on the positive terminal of the battery.
4.Install the black end on the negative terminal of the battery.

Pacakge Includes:
1x Car Battery Tester  

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