1-16mm B16 Self Tighten Keyless Drill Chuck With MT2-B16 Arbor For Lathe Drill

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1-16mm B16 Self tighten keyless drill chuck with MT2-B16 arbor fit for lathe drill MK2.

Material Alloy
Type B16
Clamping range 1-16mm
Inner Diameter 15.5mm
Height 101.5m
Outer Diameter 47mm
Application  Widely used along with various drill machines,milling machines,lathes,boring lathes and electric hand tools.

-With bar ,  good metal texture, comfortable jacket surface, easy to clamp, so that the output torque becomes larger.
-The unique thrust bearing facilitates the application of torque by the handle into a greater clamping force.
-Practical design of the surface convex and concave, so that before and after the set can effectively cope with and can reduce the shaking jacket.

Package Included:
1 x Drill Chuck

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