3 inch Front & Rear Dual-Lens Driving Recorder 1080P High Definition Built In WIFI 120° Car Dash Cam

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1.Reversing Image:
Enhanced Parking Assistance: The Car Dash Cam includes a reversing image feature that provides drivers with improved visibility while parking or maneuvering their vehicles.
Clear Rearview Display: The reversing image capability offers a clear, real-time view of the area behind the vehicle, reducing blind spots and enhancing safety during reverse movements.

2.Motion Detection:
Advanced Security: The Car Dash Cam is equipped with motion detection technology that automatically starts recording when any movement is detected around the vehicle.
Instant Incident Capture: Users receive immediate alerts and recordings of any suspicious activity or potential accidents, providing them with valuable evidence in case of incidents.

3.Loop Recording:
Continuous Video Coverage: The Car Dash Cam supports loop recording, ensuring continuous video coverage by automatically overwriting the oldest footage when the storage is full.
Never Miss a Moment: Loop recording guarantees that the camera captures every important moment during the drive, without worrying about running out of storage space.

4.Parking Monitoring:
24/7 Vehicle Protection: The Car Dash Cam offers parking monitoring functionality to protect your vehicle even when parked and the engine is off.
Intelligent Surveillance: The parking monitoring feature utilizes motion sensors to detect impacts or suspicious activities while the vehicle is unattended, providing additional security and peace of mind.

5.Front and Rear Recording:
Comprehensive Video Capture: The Car Dash Cam enables simultaneous front and rear recording, providing a complete and comprehensive visual record of events happening both in front and behind the vehicle.
Enhanced Documentation: With front and rear recording capabilities, users have detailed footage from multiple angles, ensuring a more accurate representation of any incidents or accidents.

Package Includes:
1x Front Camera
1x Rear Camera
1x Car Charger
1x Sticker
1x User Manual

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