3-in-1 Hole Locator Woodworking Punch Round Wood Tenon Plate Punching Drilling Fixture DIY Woodworking Tools

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1. The woodworking fixture is made of aluminum alloy and nitride hard tool steel drill sleeve, with high hardness, wear resistance, and durability.

2. Strong magnetic sheet: The positioning fixture designed with strong magnetic sheet and gasket ensures that the accuracy of the side hole is within 0.5mm (because the slider can only be aligned with the center of wooden boards with the thickness of 10, 14, 18 and 22mm every time it moves 2 mm, if it is not these boards, it cannot be aligned with the center without gasket).

3. The fixture of drilling locator has clear scale, carving process, and the proportion value is half of the thickness of the board.

4. Adjustable drilling guide rail, adjust the position of the eccentric hole according to the length of the connecting rod, and the side hole stroke is 23-43mm.

5. Easy to use, the star screws of the drilling positioner can tightly fix the wooden board, two clamping methods, accurate and convenient drilling.

6. Application: Woodworking locator kit is used for edge, surface, T-shaped and L-shaped joints, suitable for quick connection of furniture, woodworking DIY, etc.

7. Three-in-one hole locator includes: a. Extension rod B. Positioning block C. Positioning rod D.6/8/10mm drill sleeve Every three E.2 knurled bolts N.0.5/1mm stop ring, each G.2 star screw H. A 15mm hole opener I.6/8/10mm drill bit, each J. Crescent wrench K. Clamping plate L.











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