3 In 1 DC9V - 36V Car Truck LCD Digital Display Voltmeter/Oil Pressure/Water Temperature Gauge 0.00-1.00Mpa

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Name: Car LCD 3 in 1Gauge(Water Temperature/Oil Pressure/voltage Gauges)
Material: Plastic Shell
Power Cable Length : Approx.50cm
Power Supply: DC9V - 36V
Pressure Measuring Range :0.00-1.00Mpa
Measuring Oil Pressure: (0~10)*0.1Mpa
Ambient Temperature: -10℃-50℃
Measurement Speed: 3-5 seconds
Water Temperature Meter: measuring range:-10℃-110℃

Wiring Instructions
Red --- power +
(Red black) --- power -

1. Crisp and Clear Display: Enjoy stunning visuals with the XYZ Display's high resolution and superior screen quality.
2. Response Time: The 1ms response time ensures smooth and seamless visuals, perfect for gaming and fast-paced action.
3. Wide Viewing Angle: With a wide viewing angle, the XYZ Display allows you to enjoy clear visuals from any position.
4. Energy-efficient: The XYZ Display is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills.
5. Multiple Connectivity Options: Connect your devices conveniently with HDMI, VGA, and DVI ports.

Package includes:
1 X XYZ Display
1 X Power Cord
1 X HDMI Cable
1 X VGA Cable
1 X DVI Cable



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