2x Universal Car Truck Adjustable Armrest Arm Rest Support Centre Console PU

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Product name: Adjustable Armrests
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 set
Type of key component:PU foam,cover plastic frame,metal mounting bracket
Adjustable range: 0-120 degree
Material: PU,plastic, metal
Function: Step-less regulation
Size: 39x7.5x9.5cm
Insert: iron/ABS
Surface material: PU integral skin foam
Characteristic:adjustable,shock resistance,wear-resisting
Application: for vehicle seat
Installation  steps :
1.Open the carton,and please check all the items.
2.Open the cover of the seat back.
3.please sit on your seat and make the mark on the position where is the most comfortable to you.
4.drill two holes on the mark you have made.
5.fix the armrest mount to your seat by screw.
6.open a little hole on the sponge, then take the axis out of the sponge.
7.As for the cover, it is the same with last step.
8.Fix the armrest to the parts from the outside, and fix the screw.
9.Put on the lid.that's ok.

Package Included:
2 x adjustable armrests

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