12V IBA-700 Car Automotive Battery Analyzer Tester Battery Tester Scanner Checker the Charge LCD Display Vehicle Car Repair Tool

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12V IBA-700 Car Automotive Battery Analyzer Tester Battery Tester Scanner Checker the Charge LCD Display Vehicle Car Repair Tool


  A. Safety Precautions

Read these instructions carefully before operate this battery analyzer IBA-700.This IBA-700 works only on 12V Car batteries.Car batteries usually contain some poison and mordant chemical substances,therefore when you use the IBA-700 you should avoid your battery’s condition and always follow the battery manufacturer’s instructions.Use this product correctly,and with care for the purpose for which it’s intended.Failure to do so may cause damange or personal injuiry or the product,or the vehicle and will invalidate the warranty.

1.To avoid the risk of electric shock ,do not operate the charger in wet or damp conditions.

2.Always operate the charger in a well ventilated area.

3.Do not operate the charger in an explosive atmosphere.Smoking is prohibited while operating the charge. Non’t allow a spark of flame near the battery.

4.Keep yourself and the charge away from all moving or hot engine parts.

5.Do not operate the charger if it has been dropped or damaged in any way.

6.Opening the charge or improper repairs can expose the user to serious dangers.

7.Do not operate charge with a damaged cord or plug.


B.Measurements Operating

This IBA-700 can test the Voltage,Cold Cranking Amps,Interior Resistance and the Health Status of a 12V battery.


C.Testing Preparation:

1.Turn off engine and shift transmission into N or Park.

2.Keep engine off for 2-3minutes until the battery’s voltage go back to normal status,before to test the battery when engine has been running for some time period and battery has been fully charged.

3.The test result is correct when the testing battery’s voltage is at 12.2~12.8


D.Measuring Steps:

1.Connect this analyzer’s RED Clamp ( POS+ ) to positive post of battery ,and Black Clamp ( NEG-) to Negative post of the battery,Make sure the Clamps connection well.

2.Press UP/Down keys to choose an appropriate battery type and then press the Enter key to confirm the test

Tip:The majority of vehicle batteries is MF type

3.Press UP/Down keys to choose an appropriate Test Standard and then press the Enter key to confirm the test.

Tip:In china,most vehicles fits SAE standard.

4.As shown on display,press UP/Down keys to choose an appropriate specific cranking current value,and then press the Enter key to confirm the test.

Tip: As usual the cranking current value is indicated on a battery.If not,the cranking current value is around 8 times of the battery’s capacity (AH).Press UP/Down Keys for a longer time,you can see the change of selected value in the reverse direction.

5.Read from the display the test results- Battery Voltage,Cold Creanking Amps,Interior Resistance,and battery health status of the battery .

Tip:Normally the higher voltage state,the more full the battery charged.And the Cold Cranking Amps ( CCA or A ) and Interior Resistance are in an inverse proportion.

6.Remove Clamps from the battery posts.


E.Battery Health Status

The voltage of a battery is goods way to determine the state of charge,in terms of the Battery Health Status,If the Battery cannot reach higher than 40% when being charged,then the battery is close to end-of-life.If the battery is fully charged but cannot reach 70% charge level,the battery may be permanently damaged,and you should beware this and check your battery often. Good automotive lead-acid batteries should be maintained at a 70percent charge level or higher for best performance and life.

State of Charge

Health Status

Battery’s Condition





The battery is still in good condition.





Beware and check the battery often.




The battery is close to end-of-life.



Package List:

1x Auto Battery Analyzer Tester Main Unit

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