EM410 Automotive Electrical Stethoscope Car Noise Finder Diagnostic Detector Listening Device Machine

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Product features

  • Electrical stethoscope can quickly monitor noise for the machines,autos,ships,aircraft and other mechanical equipment
  • Electronic automotive stethoscope the pick-up sound loudness can be controlled by adjusting its volume control
  • Diagnostic listening device LED light indicate the strength of signal of the active channel,user-friendly and unsurpassed
  • Automotive noise finder requency: 100Hz~10KHz, Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 55°C, Ambient Noise Permitted:100dB
  • Automotive diagnostic tools comes with high sensitive long short probe and an adjustable headset

Product description

This Electrical Stethoscope is a high performance maintenance tool which is particularly suiable for use in machine noise detection.
This detector consists of IC circuit and transistor. It features a small size and a light weight.
It is very useful and easy to operate, a powerful tool for a maintenance man.
The detector's probe has a high-sensitivity so that you can use the unit to detect and locate the position where the machine's certain noise come from.
In addition, it can also be used to judge the working conditions of various motors, internal-combustion engines, diesel engines,
engines, household appliances, the automatic assembly line, and so on.
In general, this unit can be widely used in ship, automobile, chemical manufacture, metallurgy, machine, household appliance and many fields.

Main Application
Rapidly detect the machine noise from a diesel engines, and air cylinder or an automobile, and exactly find out the malfunction position.
Identify the abnormal noise from an engine or an motor to avoid accident.
Monitor the automatic assembly line to ensure proper operation.
Used in chemical industry to check whether the liquid in a pipe is flowing or blocked.
Detect abnormal noise in all kinds of boilers or reaction containers.
Monitor the working of all kinds of axletrees.
Monitor the working for a ship.
Used in the maintanence of various vehicles and household appliances.

Main Application
Frequency Range: 100Hz-10kHz
Input Impendence: >15MΩ
Ambient Noise Permitted: 100dB
Operating Temperature: -10°C to 55°C
Power Supply: 9V(6F22) battery
Size: 32*50*206mm (main part only)
Weight: about 240g


Pcakge Inclueds
Stethoscope Unit × 1(Not including battery)
Headphones × 1
60mm Probe × 1
290mm Probe × 1


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